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Project Performance Review and Audit (Under Review)

Currently reviewing Project Performance Review: Capturing the Value of Audit, Oversight, and Compliance for Project Success by Alexia Nalewaik and Anthony Mills. The preface of this work states:

“This book outlines a flexible framework for the scoping and implementation of project performance reviews, which often are required as part of oversight for projects. It is based on the principles of performance audit and is designed to comply with audit standards. It presents a process for improving performance reviews so as to both report on issues and begin a continuous improvement cycle for both current and future projects. Concerns about fraud, waste, compliance, transparency, and organizational effectiveness have led to the use of performance review as both a governance mechanism and a continuous improvement tool. The goal of project performance review is threefold: (1) reduce project delivery risk; (2) improve transparency and accountability; and (3) increase organizational maturity. While performance audits, monitoring, and measurement have been conducted in government organizations and departments for decades, the specific application of performance review to projects and programs is fairly new. In this book, the authors:

  • Present their extensive experience and suggestions for undertaking performance reviews.
  • Identify the gap between research and current practices addressed by the proposed model.
  • Reflect on past audit scopes, challenges, and significant opportunities lost.
  • Present a compelling framework for understanding the need for performance reviews as a vehicle to improve project outcomes and project organizations.
  • Enumerate and genuinely embrace all significant positive aspects of performance reviews for the improvement of project management efficiency and effectiveness.”

So far, I have found this work to be very thorough and insightful. ‘Looking forward to sharing more key takeaways with you.

Nalewaik, Alexia; Mills, Anthony (2016-07-07). Project Performance Review: Capturing the Value of Audit, Oversight, and Compliance for Project Success (Routledge Focus) (Kindle Locations 96-102). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.