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How to stop things from falling through the cracks

A lot of times, when we undertake certain projects, we get part way through and realize that we didn’t think of something. Sometimes, we didn’t think of a lot of things. No one likes surprises like these, so here are five things you can do to avoid them:

  1. Identify your objectives. Start with clear statements on what your project is supposed to accomplish.
  2. Based on the objectives, identify the “WHAT” of the project. This might be that app that you’re building or that conference your organizing.
  3. Break the main thing you’re delivering into its subcomponents. This might be the user interface, the web services, and the data schemas for the app we mentioned, or the food, venue, music, and speakers for the conference.
  4. For each piece, plan out the tasks you need to perform. Word these tasks as activities: Define features, Design user interface, Test design. Or for the conference: Select topics, Invite speakers, Prepare program.
  5. Once you have all of this written out, vet it with your team members. Make sure the designers and developers agree on how their tasks interplay, or that the people in charge of food look at all the tasks connected with food. Revise your plans as necessary.
  6. Build a simple tracking tool or checklist to help you monitor the progress of each task.
  7. Check in with your team members regularly on their respective tasks until all the work is done.

Before you know it, all the work will be done and your team will be pleasantly surprised that there were no surprises. For more project management tips, be sure and subscribe. Like, comment, and leave your feedback below. ‘Till next time.