Because not everything goes to plan…
Especially projects.

We Get That.

Missed deadlines, budget blowouts and ambushed teams. Is your company struggling to deliver quality outcomes on projects? You’re not alone. Companies with poor project management report just 52% of their projects meet their original goals. Maybe it’s time to listen your gut and call a ‘code red’ on project management. Bring in the sleuths who’ve made it their business to help companies like yours get their projects back on track.

Find Out How Swattage Can Turbo-boost Your Project Management

Bright Ideas. Special Tactics.


Swattage harnesses an armoury of certified project management methods, tools, tactics and nous to help medium and large businesses transform their projects from ‘Mission Impossible’ to success.

We understand businesses can’t set project goals, assign a team to drive it and just leave it to beaver. But, too often that ‘set-and-forget’ approach happens.

Often the buck stop stops with a company’s Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer – if that’s you, or someone you report to, there’s a lot you need to keep on your radar. Are you finding time for the best balance of project oversight and leadership? There’s an art – and science – to keeping project management teams fine-tuned and effective.

Swattage specializes in project management and portfolio management – they’re our expertise. We’re even certified in it. We know top-notch project management isn’t just tasking one of your top performers to lead the team, then collecting data, number crunching, and analysis. It’s also about people, how they think and behave – the social-political aspects. We call it the wild card. Our insights and strategies will help your business tame the wild card elements.


As well, through our lens, you’ll see more clearly how your projects miss the mark in supporting your business strategy. And you’ll know what to do to fix it. Importantly, we’ll hone into the soft spots in your project management processes to ensure you can rein in blowouts in costs and timelines better.

Our services include:

  • business process analysis
  • business process engineering
  • DevOps process transformation
  • project management and
  • project portfolio management

Bring our bespoke project management service to your board table to catapult your company to project management success.
You don’t know what you don’t know until you talk to Swattage.


Understanding the How: Process

Ever had a project completed ahead of time, under budget and that ticked all the boxes for quality? Lofty aim, but roll out the right-fit processes for your business, and that competitive edge is possible.

Swattage is nimble enough to make that happen. We’re uniquely positioned to get a helicopter view of how your business runs, unpack your business strategy and goals, analyse your projects’ metrics, tap into the culture of your staff then identify and offer insights about bottlenecks in your processes. We’ll hand curate proprietary tools, technologies and tactics to fine-tune the way you do business now and for the future. And it will be thanks to the experience and research from the best experts around the world.

You look at the chaos and say, “And you really think we can do this?” We say, “We’re going to do it.” Ok, we did steal the essence of that line from MIssion Impossible. Love that movie – and it’s processes.

Building Your Capacity: DevOps

Our DevOps technology ensures your Development and IT Operations people are on the same page, actually talk to each other and work together. Options include off-the-shelf tech or one customised to your needs so systems migration goes without a hitch. Swattage will train your staff on how to get the most out of this key tool and be there afterwards should they need our help.

Giving You the Reins: Portfolio Management

No need to re-invent the wheel.

Your business needs to centrally manage its range of projects and that’s where our portfolio management service can help. Our easy-to-use technology and proprietary tools let you manage each of your projects’ budgets, deadlines, resources, requests and more. Hook into our systems and strategies to efficiently create a pulse centre for all of your projects – current and proposed. You’ll be able to check on their progress in real time and drill down to search a range of indicators and wield a virtual ‘whip’ for those who lag. Our solution is a great way to manage your risks and save yourself a few nasty surprises.

Won’t that progress be easier to report on up the line?

Make sense and success of your company’s projects – talking to Swattage is your first step.



Jared Zemp
Jared Zemp
President, Crowchild

We engaged Swattage to transform several businesses in our portfolio and right off the bat, they had a huge impact. They were quick to define a strategic plan and select the right projects to support it. The unexpected bonus with Swattage was their leadership. I expected a team of number crunching analysts who would focus on systems. What we got was so much better. The Swattage team was a great fit with our existing management and tied the business processes back to the overall vision of our company. By focusing on our big picture and getting along well with the team, Swattage was able to garner buy-in our front line employees and management alike.
Veronica Hobby
Veronica Hobby
Manager, Ology

Ever since I started working with Dale from Swattage, I have seen a real improvement in our company. Projects are being better defined and the steps for completing projects are being established with timelines and accountability measures to ensure the work gets done. Plus, our teams are more unified and our end goals actually seem obtainable now. And, for me personally, I am finding that I do not feel as overwhelmed and stressed over my workload as I did before. Dale has been an invaluable resource and I feel that through his guidance we are finally putting the processes in place that will help us grow and move forward as a company.
Jennifer Vargas
Jennifer Vargas
Breakroom Fruit

Working with Dale has been a great experience. He is clear, concise, and direct when it comes to planning. He is a great listener and is easy to contact. He understands business enough to provide good advice on the steps that are necessary to accomplish the tasks and goals of a project. Dale is organized and keeps everyone on track to work together to get the projects completed.


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